Tuesday, April 21, 2015

UGA's Great Stinkbug Survey

Cobb Extension has received quite a few calls about indoor stink bugs in the past couple of months, and our county residents are not alone in having an unwelcome influx of the shield-shaped bugs to their homes.

UGA entomologist Paul Guillebeau, who lives in Athens, also noticed that his home was playing host to stink bugs. The species that has caused this year's indoor-insect-consternation is the brown marmorated stink bug; it tends to be present in low numbers, but it only takes one irritated bug to create a big stink inside a home.
Brown marmorated stink bug PHOTO/Brian Little

In the GA FACES article "Scientist seeks public's help tracking new stink bug for UGA research", by UGA's Sharon Dowdy, Guillebeau explains:
“On any given day, there are at least five or six on the ceiling and at least 20 throughout the rest of the house,” he said. “You could spray them, but then you’d have dead stink bugs to deal with. It really becomes tedious. They only stink if you handle them, and they don’t do any damage, but they are annoying.”
Dowdy  notes in her article that Guillebeau "decided to find out how many Georgians are unwillingly hosting the pest." He has set up a survey online for Georgia residents who would like to help in his project.

To participate in Guillebeau’s tracking survey, go to surveymonkey.com/s/FCLPJLX.

For the complete article, which includes information about UGA researcher Brian Little's stink bug trapping at Guillebeau's home and about similar-looking but non-pest bugs, click on the article title near the top of this blog post.