Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Marigolds for Earth Day

We've had a tray of Marigolds growing in the office for several weeks now, and some of the young plants are beginning to form little flower buds at the top. Even when these plants are full grown, they are going to be small. The catalog from which the seeds were ordered said this about them: "Abundant color on neat, compact 10" plants. Ruffled double flowers in rust, yellow, orange, red and bicolors."

 Marigold seedlings, "Brocade Mix," a French Dwarf variety, Tagetes patula               PHOTO/Amy Whitney
In general, marigolds are attractive to butterflies (which are beautiful, though somewhat patchy in their effectiveness as pollinators), and they can attract some other beneficial insects to your garden. Anyone who stops by the office today, and until the 30 plants are gone, will be offered one of these to take home. Happy Earth Day!