Friday, May 10, 2013

Will we see periodical cicadas in Georgia this year? Guest post by N.C. Hinkle

Remember the great periodical cicada emergence we had here in Georgia back in 2011 – the “Great Southern Brood”?  The Northeast is having its own periodical cicada emergence this year, but unfortunately it is highly unlikely that we will see much of Brood II here in Georgia this year.  
2011 Periodical Cicada                     PHOTO/ N.C. Hinkle

Information from a 1988 publication hints that periodical cicadas may show up in the very northeastern corner of the state, so Rabun, Townes, Union, White and Habersham counties may see periodical cicadas, but it’s doubtful they’ll show up anywhere else in the state. 

It looks like our next periodical cicada emergence will be in 2017, with anticipated Brood VI cicadas showing up possibly in the northern third of the state.  Brood X will show up in 2021 and “the Great Southern Brood,” (the one that was such a hit in 2011) will return in 2024.

If you want to view the distribution maps for yourself, there are some good ones at

Of course, by late June we’ll have our annual “dog day” cicadas popping out around the state.  They’re 50% larger than the periodical cicadas, but are green and lack the bright red eyes.  And they certainly don’t occur in numbers like the periodical cicadas.  Nevertheless, we’ll hear them singing in the trees every afternoon, providing a lovely backdrop to our summer activities.


N. C. Hinkle, Ph.D.
Dept. of Entomology
Univ. of Georgia