Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Louise's November Garden Tips

Extension staff member Louise Weyer publishes timely tips each month on the Cobb County Cooperative Extension website. Many gardeners will be wanting to spruce up their yards for the upcoming holidays, and checking her list can be a big help.

These are her November tips for annual and perennial plants:
Plant Lenten rose, peonies, pansies, violas, snapdragons, dianthus and spring bulbs.
Read “Winter Protection of Ornamental Plants” at Click on ANR, Extension Publications, scroll to article under Miscellaneous.
Read “Success with Pansies” See “Cold Protection for Ornamentals”  
Control weeds. Apply weed pre-emergent.
Dig caladium bulbs, dahlia tubers, elephant ear corms, and ornamental sweet potato tubers for winter storage.
Clean up rose beds, perennial beds.
Cut faded chrysanthemums, asters, snapdragons and dianthus to 3 inches above ground. Remove faded blooms, dry stems and foliage of perennials that die back after first frost.
Mulch to retain moisture, control soil temperature and diseases.
Top dress perennial beds with 1 to 2 inches of compost. Keep away from crowns of plants.
Fertilize previously planted spring flowering bulbs and pansies.
Gently remove fallen leaves from beds. Shred and use as mulch or compost.

To read Louise's recommendations for caring for fruits, trees and shrubs, lawns, and vegetables (hint: November is a good month for planting asparagus and onions), along with information on the Water Act, the burn ban, care of the environment, and other topics for which action can be taken this month, see her full list posted on the Cobb County Cooperative Extension website.

From the homepage, select "More information on horticulture/agriculture & natural resources," then click on the link for Cobb County Cooperative Extension Publications and Articles near the top of the page. Louise's tips are called "November Tips of the Month."

She publishes a new set every month, and the list is worth looking for. There is plenty of good information to help you keep your yard and home in good shape!